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Sooo I'm working on Dirkels a lot lately, it's quite fun to make this part of the game when the basic engine is done.
Though, soon I'll have to make boring stuff again, like, there aren't shops in the game yet, still have to make this, I also haven't made that you can pick up items from the ground, or loot a corpse or anything. So still have lots to do.
Anyway, here is a cool picture of the awesome fight between Aldezar and Alyuen. The fight doesn't last long at all, but it is quite awesome!
16-04-2012 30rtdkw
(ignore the "30" above Diuky's head, it's the FPS.)

Hey, if you guys want you could help, I don't want to spoil anything, but I think everyone here knows the storyline a bit.. Aldezar dies in this fight. But what will happen when Aldezar is dead en Alyuen disappears? Shall I make it like the old dirkels? Screen turns black, and you start in Korteya Town, or do you actually have to walk out of the castle?
Not sure what to do, please help!

More screenshots will come soon, but I haven't finished much of the graphics, as in the background behind the window isn't fully done yet, I'm planning more layers of hills, and a nice blue sky.. It'll be beautiful. Next to that, I still have to make more decoration for inside the castle, it only has tables, cupboards and torches at the moment..

At the moment working on the tutorial, the part before you see the fight between Alyuen and Aldezar.

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Post on Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:12 pm  ExWhyZed

I think that you should try to have some aspect of continuity, so not skipping our parts of plot, but walking back through the castle might be dull. Perhaps Diuky could chase after Alyuen through a hole in the wall... That could be great animation, and look marvellous: a Alyuen creates a hole in the wall and runs out into the distance (instead of a 'portal', this means that the player can relate more to Alyuen and he seems more equal to Diuky as opposed to a being of untold power. This makes senior Tadari members even more impressive also). Then, Diuky says something like 'I must follow him. There is nothing I can do for father now...' (make sure that Aldezar is obviously dead). The screen rotates in the floor plane, and the room appears as if 3D (quite quickly, unless you make it in Unity or Blender 3D then you can just do a few (15-20) blurred sketches played quickly, and Diuky runs through the broken wall.

If you just do that for the few instances in which it's appropriate, it would add a lot to the interest of the game, and make it more 'realistic' whilst maintaining the surreal, cartoon-ish feel.

Just some thoughts. Don't want to put too much work on your back (as if I have any authority), so don't take these seriously if you don't want to Very Happy

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Post on Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:39 pm  TP09

Looks nice, Kyon!
I think Diuky has to walk back out of the castle, but it shouldn't be simply backtracking: the environment will have to be changed (e.g. more enemies). Or you could do Zephyr's idea, which sounds very suitable.

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