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Played the previous Dirkels again, haha it's still awesome, gave me some ideas for this version.
Also scouted the Dirkels Graphics forum om the GMC from 3 years ago, will still use the best sprite-designs, also gave me lots of ideas for this Dirkels.
Maybe some of you remember when someone designed the 'Phelocee'.
Well, he'll be in the game soon:

(Master XYZ for size comparison. Too big for a low-level enemy? Too small? haha)

Working on a new map, the area left of Korteya Town, which will be the Grasslands as usual.
Lot's of slugs, and now a Phelocee.

- Kyon


So he is in the grasslands now. Made him a bit smaller.
I'll probably change his colour a bit, doesn't blend too well.
Will start working on his attacks now.
Oh and also, because it's the first real cool monster in the game, maybe I'll make him eat a dirkel or slug the first time you see him, so that it's way more exciting when he attacks you.
So he is eating something on the ground, and when you come near he flies up and attacks you.

Finished it, changed his colour a bit. Made him an actual killable enemy. Made him able to attack/kill you.
So this one, when you first meet him, he's eating a dead green slug.

When you come near, or attack him from behind, he'll fly up and start attacking you.

This is now the strongest enemy excluding Baldir Bloodaxe.

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