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Took a lot of time to fix a bug today.
Made it so that if and enemy attacks you, but you run away, and the enemy can't find you anymore, that he walks to his starting position.
Anyway, also made that after you've defeated Baldir Bloodaxe, the Balderits are gone.
There are now some extra slugs (so that it isn't completely empty), and some npc' to talk with.

24-12-2013 2wr2rzm

Also created new characters, that only appear when the Balderits are gone (so after the storyline you can go back to the balderit area and meet them).
Here are three researchers, trying to find information about the Tadari clan.
Also treasure hunters, not sure what their purpose will be.
One is based from Christiander (the one with that hat), some guy on the GMC who helped me with sprite designs a lot back in the day.
Probably be called like that.

24-12-2013 20teyyp

By the way, for the people still reading these blogs, if you want an character named after you, just comment a cool storyline or design for him and I'll think about it! Would love some new character ideas!

- Kyon

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