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  • 20170417
    I stumbled upon this forum again and read some of your comments from 2016. I feel like a real dick for never posting that demo. It was almost playable.
    I've made a playable version today and uploaded it to the gamemaker community forum here:

    I hope you guys like it. Thanks for everything, it was real fun!!!
    Also curious what you guys are up to now a days!

    by Kyon - Comments: 0 - Views: 240
  • 20140109
    Happy new year everyone.
    Updated from GM8 to Gamemaker Studio today! Had to fix lots of bugs, still have to change things, but it's playable again.
    Also improved the trees in Dirkels, they are also animated now if you look closely. Also made new armour and made that you need statpoints in Endurance to wear certain equipment. You now have leather armor, and hardened leather armor. (on the picture below i wear leather armor, and a hardened leather cap, because this only requires 1 endurance, and I've put all my other stats in strength haha)

    by Kyon - Comments: 15 - Views: 1078
  • 20131225
    Took a lot of time to fix a bug today.
    Made it so that if and enemy attacks you, but you run away, and the enemy can't find you anymore, that he walks to his starting position.
    Anyway, also made that after you've defeated Baldir Bloodaxe, the Balderits are gone.
    There are now some extra slugs (so that it isn't completely empty), and some npc' to talk with.

    Dirkels Blog 2wr2rzm

    Also created new characters, that only appear when the Balderits are gone (so after the storyline you can go back to the balderit area and meet them).

    by Kyon - Comments: 0 - Views: 399
  • 20131223
    So I've redesigned the Balderit camp area.
    In the beginning you see a battlefield, guards fighting balderits.
    Pretty cool, also a cool place to get experience and gold, because the balderits are weakened and easy to kill.
    For the first quest you have to save richard hopps, from his 'cage' (just as in the previous dirkels)
    I need some beta testers soon to see if it's too hard for a first quest, and if I should make the Balderits weaker.

    Dirkels Blog 5y4sw6

    And of course, the second quest in which you'll kill Baldir Bloodaxe.

    by Kyon - Comments: 0 - Views: 367
  • 20131216
    Played the previous Dirkels again, haha it's still awesome, gave me some ideas for this version.
    Also scouted the Dirkels Graphics forum om the GMC from 3 years ago, will still use the best sprite-designs, also gave me lots of ideas for this Dirkels.
    Maybe some of you remember when someone designed the 'Phelocee'.
    Well, he'll be in the game soon:
    Dirkels Blog 2yn2tkj
    (Master XYZ for size comparison. Too big for a low-level enemy? Too small? haha)

    Working on a new map, the area left of Korteya Town, which will be the Grasslands...

    by Kyon - Comments: 0 - Views: 430
  • 20131209
    Dirkels Blog 156fhua

    It's been a while.
    Just want you guys to know that I'm still working on the game. I've finished the first part of the game, including the tutorial (aldezars castle) and the Balderit storyline, which has 2 quests including the boss fight with Baldir Bloodaxe. Jeremiah Pena's music is back in the game, and lots more.

    Today I finished the loot system, the loot can be multiple items. (picture only shows 1 though, with more items more squares will appear)
    Dirkels Blog 2qi3guh

    by Kyon - Comments: 0 - Views: 536
  • 20130828
    Sooo the fight is getting pretty awesome.
    Master XYZ helps you kill Baldir, and Baldir uses his 'axe spinning attack' so now and then. Master XYZ' AI is quite good too, he dodges attacks, runs around baldir and strikes him when he can, and runs away when Baldir does the spinning attack.
    Ruden is doing nothing special yet, he probably just floats around I guess.
    Some ideas?

    Dirkels Blog 29hh1h

    by Kyon - Comments: 0 - Views: 372
  • 20130821
    Very busy on the boss fight with Baldir Bloodaxe.
    I'm planning to let Master XYZ join the fight, not sure what Ruden will do in the battle though,
    probably casting those lil' skulls again.

    Dirkels Blog 1zzp1ro

    - Kyon

    by Kyon - Comments: 0 - Views: 357
  • 20130808
    Dirkels Blog Npnq15

    Dirkels Blog 18j9th

    finished the scene in which Ruden the Warlock attacks the Balderits.
    Now he turned Baldir into one of his minions.

    This is just the second 'real' quest I've made, and you already have to defeat Baldir Bloodaxe.
    As you see I'm speeding up the story so you only have exciting quests all the time.

    I'll now start scripting the battle with Baldir Bloodaxe, which will take some time I think.
    Was the boss fight with Baldir in the previous...

    by Kyon - Comments: 3 - Views: 508
  • 20130805
    Very busy on a scene in which Ruden the Warlock attacks the Balderit Camp.
    Dirkels Blog Mt2c1

    by Kyon - Comments: 0 - Views: 299
  • 20130629
    Busy with the Balderit camp.

    Dirkels Blog 2ymeesl

    Also remember Jashua Moreland from the previous Dirkels? He's the guy who gave you quests about Slugs.
    Anyway, now he's just at his little camp watching the Balderit camp close to him.
    The messagebox system works so perfect, I'm very proud of that.

    Dirkels Blog 68tt3s

    Dirkels Blog 2mi4weo

    - Kyon

    by Kyon - Comments: 2 - Views: 367
  • 20130610
    I've improved the background, what do you think? Any improvements? Contrast ok?

    Dirkels Blog 1zvrdsl

    by Kyon - Comments: 0 - Views: 313
  • 20130609
    Dirkels Blog 35k5owo

    Dirkels Blog 119rmo2

    - Kyon

    by Kyon - Comments: 0 - Views: 291
  • 20130606
    Done a lot again, armor works now, you can level up now, and you can add stat points, but strength is the only one that works so far haha.
    Anyway, the thing I'm proud of this time is the shop system, I finally got it worked, and again all made by myself.
    So you can now buy stuff.
    Dirkels Blog 33neo1t

    And of course sell stuff, your gold will be added. The buy price of an item is higher than the sell price.
    Dirkels Blog Mjqxqf

    Also made it so that if your inventory is full you can't buy...

    by Kyon - Comments: 0 - Views: 281
  • 20130529
    Done a lot.
    The tutorial/intro of the game is done, this part was mostly Aldezar's Castle, you'll see Aldezar get killed by the hands of Alyuen (as you saw the cutscenes of the previous Dirkels, now you'll actually see the fight). Later you see Baldir Bloodaxe attack Korteya Town, and after a while he escapes, and the Emperor orders you to help Master XYZ to get rid of the Balderits and bring peace to Korteya. Same concept as in the old Dirkels.

    Dirkels Blog 6ftus8

    Also made a working questlog, you can have a maximum of 3 quests at a...

    by Kyon - Comments: 0 - Views: 329
  • 20130425
    Dirkels Blog 2qi7bmc

    Working on this scene most of the time now, it's still part of the game intro,
    after this scene you can finally free-roam the world of Dirkels.

    by Kyon - Comments: 2 - Views: 295
  • 20130418
    Dirkels Blog 1zmmano

    Dirkels Blog R1izxk

    - kyon

    by Kyon - Comments: 2 - Views: 398
  • 20120425
    Here some new screens,
    I made a guard and I've reeeeaally polished the battle system now.
    You'll hear more from me soon Wink

    Dirkels Blog 35nbpqr

    Dirkels Blog F36of7

    by Kyon - Comments: 2 - Views: 801
  • 20120416
    Sooo I'm working on Dirkels a lot lately, it's quite fun to make this part of the game when the basic engine is done.
    Though, soon I'll have to make boring stuff again, like, there aren't shops in the game yet, still have to make this, I also haven't made that you can pick up items from the ground, or loot a corpse or anything. So still have lots to do.
    Anyway, here is a cool picture of the awesome fight between Aldezar and Alyuen. The fight doesn't last long at all, but it is quite awesome!
    Dirkels Blog 30rtdkw
    (ignore the "30" above...

    by Kyon - Comments: 2 - Views: 544
  • 20120411
    Not sure why I'm writing this, but I guess after what all you guys did for me, I should let you know that all the work wasn't for nothing. I won't give away too much info, but I'll post here once in a while with some cool pictures and stories about Dirkels.

    Dirkels Blog R9pg6o

    Let me answer some questions for you;
    -Yes, I started working on Dirkels again.
    -I was gone for so long mostly because of school and no motivation to continue Dirkels again.
    -Yes, I am using the same story, but slightly improved.
    -Yes, I scrapped...

    by Kyon - Comments: 4 - Views: 588

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